Green Dots: Success Built One Positive Thought at a Time

We often expect complicated solutions for every problem because change isn’t easy. Yet the principle of Occam’s Razor states that the simplest solution is often the best solution.

Welcome to the green dots of Success Stickers.

I love using this tool because it is SO simple and incredibly effective. All you need are some green dot stickers that you can pick up from Staples or Amazon for the cost of a cup of coffee (or grab some rad “Building Better Humans” ones from us here for free, just cover shipping).

The idea is this: place green dots in places you’ll see frequently. The back of your cell phone, your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, the edge of your laptop and monitor, the steering wheel in your car. Whatever you see consistently in your daily life, put one there.

When you see a green dot just think a positive (“green light”) thought. It’s as simple as that.

The constant visual reminder gives us a friendly nudge to practice your habit or think a positive thought.

I picked up this concept from my friend Rob MacDonald and I’ve used these for years and it truly works. 5 years ago I was living out of my car while working a full time job as an engineering manager. I was doing this by choice to save money to start my own business but it definitely wasn’t a walk in the park. (If you want the full story check out this podcast episode where former USC running back Lawrence Campbell interviews me).

I had a green dot on the interior ceiling of my car so when I’d wake up in the morning, stiff from sleeping in the back seat of a Volkswagen Jetta, I’d be reminded to think a positive thought. “Life is good. I’m saving money to pursue my passion. I’m healthy, and life is full of opportunities.”

And it worked. The visual cue forced me to think something positive and I got through uncomfortable experiences because of it. I’d see a green dot before taking a cold shower at the beach and just repeat positive thoughts. A few years later and I'm loving every day, as I get to help awesome people just like you achieve their full potential at the gym I co-founded: Project 13.

Clients in our gym use these stickers daily and it’s awesome to see the results. We call the green dots Success Stickers for a reason: you will succeed at whatever you’re working towards if you use them consistently. I have one on the edge of my laptop as I write this.

So here’s the four simple steps to using Success Stickers in your daily life:

1. Decide which habit you’re trying to build. If you want guidance I’d recommend picking from one of the two simple items below.

  • Think a positive thought. “I’m going to be successful because I work hard and I’m good at what I do” or “I went to the gym this morning so I’m making progress on my health/fitness”.
  • Drink some water. Everytime you see a green dot take a sip of water. A healthy recommendation is half your body weight in ounces each day (that’s 100 ounces for a 200 lb human).

2. Buy the dots. Grab some green dots from Staples, Amazon, or for free from us at Project 13.

3. Place the dots. All over your apartment or house and office. Start with your cell phone, bathroom mirror, refrigerator, car if you have one, laptop, monitor, desk, and anywhere else.

4. Use the dots. Every time you see a green dot, think a positive thought or practice your habit.

Embrace the process, buy into the green dots, and enjoy the shift in your mindset as you become a more positive human.

If you’re interested in learning more techniques like this and applying these learnings to your fitness, career, and life in general but aren’t sure where to start, check out our 8-Week Building Better Humans Mindset Course. You’ll get access to over 60 videos, exercises, 1-on-1 coaching, and interviews with experts in a variety of industries from a Navy Seal to an executive from Proctor and Gamble, CEO’s, mothers, and entrepreneurs as we walk you through a step-by-step process to achieve your full potential.

- Written by The Nate Chambers, co-founder, coach, and positivity guru at Project 13 Gyms


The Nate Chambers
The Nate Chambers