Value of Time on this 4th of July

We feel it's important to share and reflect a bit as we close shop for a couple days over this 4th of July holiday.

We are very fortunate to live in a time of abundance, yet we must remember that this abundance did not come easily or lightly. There are countless people who have sacrificed, and those who continue to sacrifice, so that we may enjoy the daily freedoms we often take for granted. For that we are thankful.

One aspect of that abundance is time.

Before you jump through your screen to tell me how busy you are and how little time you have, take a second to reflect on this. Yes, we have to work and the jobs at the Bay Area's tech companies are demanding. But with unlimited PTO and flexible schedules it's important to remember you have a great deal of control over how you spend your time. Especially on a long holiday weekend like this.

We suggest you spend that time with loved ones and on your personal wellbeing.

As leaders in this community and as people striving to make a positive impact we always do our best to lead by example. And one way we are doing that is to share why we close for holidays like Independence Day.

We close because we value the time we have with our families. We hold that time sacred and want to take advantage of it where we can. And by closing for July 4th and 5th we're able to do that. To enjoy time with our loved ones. To take a step back to reflect, to be introspective.

We'll spend these few days outside recharging and decompressing. Away from technology, immersed in real connections and experiences. 

So while we know that the convenience of routine might prefer the gym open on a normal schedule, we hope you take the time for yourself. Outside, away from your devices, and with people you care about.

Go for a hike and have a deep conversation. Ask questions. Find out what they're passionate about, and what keeps them going through tough times.

Share and be vulnerable. Meditate. Be active and try something new. 

Whatever it is you do over this holiday weekend we hope you remember this: people we'll never know sacrificed so that we could enjoy an abundant life. You have more control over your time than you may think so we hope you spend it in a way that is valuable for you. 

Happy Independence Day,

Nate and Thomas

The Nate Chambers
The Nate Chambers