P13 March Madness

Feb 23 - Apr 6, 2019

What is it? A 6 week program dedicated to encouraging a healthier lifestyle through camaraderie and friendly competition. The final three weeks culminate in a full March Madness style team bracket competition.

Plus 3 nutrition seminars throughout the program. First one kicks off the program on Saturday, February 23 at 11:30am after the Saturday class.

What's in it for me? Prizes for winning team, top individual, and 6th Human Award from Lululemon, Made by True, and more. Not to mention it will be a blast, learn some healthy habits, and engage with rad people in our P13 community.

How does it work?
You'll earn points by attending class, practicing your daily nutrition habit (more on this soon), doing your mobility work, sleeping 7+ hours/night, reading, meditating, taking unplugged walks, and more. Points system is below, and see the daily scoring questionnaire here.
  • 1st three weeks you'll earn individual points every day by staying active and living healthy. Take 3 minutes to fill out the 11 question form 
  • Weeks 4-6 you'll be seeded into teams based on your points. The teams will compete March Madness bracket style weekly by totaling everyone's points and seeing which team moves on.
What happens if my team loses? Don't worry, you still compete. Your team gets rolled up into the team that beat you so by the Finals round it's half of the gym competing against the other half. And you still have a chance at winning the 6th Human Award (best contributor from a losing team) which earns you a rad prize.
How do I sign up? If you're a member you're automatically entered. You must attend classes 2x/week to be placed on a team. If you will be traveling at any point don't worry, we have you covered: you can complete workouts on our app and still participate.
If you're not a member and are interested please email us and we'll get you setup!

Invite your friends! Earn points and earn $100 referral credit if someone you refer signs up for a membership.


  • 2/23/19, Saturday: 11:30am Kickoff Nutrition Seminar
  • 2/25/19 Monday: First day of competition
  • 3/16/19 Saturday: Last day of individual competition
  • 3/17/19 Sunday: Selection Sunday. P13 team selection + watch the NCAA Selection Sunday party at P13
  • 3/18/19 Monday: Team bracket play starts
  • 3/23/19 Saturday: End of Sweet 16 competition.
  • 3/30/19 Saturday: End of Elite 8 competition.
  • 4/3/19 Wednesday: End of Final 4 competition.
  • 4/6/19 Saturday: End of Finals competition and closing nutrition talk.

Points System

 Item Points
Attend class at Project 13 10
Check in with Mindbody app 1
Complete all mobility as shown on the board for the day 5
Attend P13 Nutrition Talk 15
Attend P13 Happy Hour 5
Practice daily nutrition habit 5
Drink alcohol -5
Winning team at Saturday class 10
Sleep 7+ hours 5
Read 20+ minutes 3
Meditate 10+ minutes 3
20+ minute walk unplugged (to/from work, hike, etc) 3
Play (expressing your fitness outside of the gym) 3
Yoga class 2
Extra workout in one day -5
Bring a friend to class 10
Referral conversion (friend signs up for P13 membership) 35