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Real People, Real Results

"Joy is a core pillar of what Nate and Thomas have created and I am confident that anyone who attends a class at P13 will agree"

Betsy Thomas

Customer Experience at Mulesoft

It's difficult to articulate into words the kind of impact Nate and Thomas' coaching has had on my life. I've been training with them for over 2 years and not only am I leaner and stronger than I've ever been, but I have developed a sincere love for exercise, increased confidence in my body's capabilities (still can't believe I can do pull-ups now!) and made some of my closest friends along the way.

What makes Project 13 stand out in the sea of SF gyms is the people. Joy is a core pillar of what Nate and Thomas have created and I am confident that anyone who attends a class at P13 will agree - it's been 2 years of 5 days/week training and I know I still love walking through the doors every time.

Brendan Lane

Financial Operations, former professional basketball player

I was brought to Project 13 gyms by my girlfriend who had been working out with Nate and Thomas for about a year. Having retired from professional basketball, I was looking for a gym that would not only challenge me and continue to develop my body, but that was also a place with great people and a fun community. Project 13 has been all of that and more.

Throughout the many years I’ve played basketball, I’ve had quite a few injuries and what really has drawn me to Nate and Thomas’ style of training is how they incorporate mobility training with their strength and conditioning workouts. When I came to the gym, I had a chronic history of back and shoulder problems, which had only been getting worse in the past few years. Nate and Thomas worked with me to identify specific workouts that helped strengthen and heal these areas. After having worked with them for only seven months, my back already feels confident with deadlifting and heavy squatting, and my shoulder is completely pain-free. On top of the benefits I have seen with my former injuries, Project 13’s workouts have always challenged and pushed me (both physically and mentally). My body feels so much more energized every day, and I am in better shape now than I ever was while playing basketball. I love Project 13’s philosophy of “building better humans,” and fully believe that Nate and Thomas really are doing that. I feel so much stronger in all things I do outside of the gym thanks to Project 13.

The sense of community that Nate and Thomas create at Project 13 is the most important aspect of the gym to me. I was new to San Francisco when I joined and, from day one, I immediately felt like part of the P13 family. I could see that everybody cared for each other and wanted to push each other both in and outside of the gym. It all starts with Nate and Thomas. They are just cool people who truly want to help everybody achieve their goals, no matter how small or lofty. There is no judgment or different treatment, regardless of whether it’s somebody’s first day or whether it’s somebody they’ve known for years. Nate and Thomas’ positivity and inclusivity is embraced by everybody at the gym, and this culture always makes for fun and interactive classes. This community has even brought people together outside of the gym and has created many new friendships. There are always people who want to go hiking, skiing, swimming, biking or anything else active and, at the same time, there are also P13 happy hours, going away parties and birthday parties which bring people together. “Building better humans” is much more than just getting stronger in the gym; it is about developing relationships with likeminded people and having fun and enjoying everything you do in life. As a former professional basketball player, I’ve become accustomed to conquering goals with a team behind me, and I’m happy to say I’ve found my “team” at P13. Thank you, Nate and Thomas!

Akansha Agrawal


Thomas and Nate are the most genuine, passionate, and skilled individuals I've met in this industry. They are more than trainers - they are mentors, friends, and coaches who push you to be a better version of yourself in and out of the gym.

As someone who has been focusing on fitness for a few years I felt like I was still struggling to find a place where I could feel supported and challenged consistently. I tried the one-off bootcamp classes, spin, yoga, running for a bit but I really could not find the community I was craving (as much as some of the places like to tout their "tribe" in their branding).

Project 13 gyms is real, it's genuine, and it's challenging (in a good way ;)). I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone several times and but I've only seen good things come out from it. If you were like me a year ago, you may be intimidated by all the weights and machines but trust that showing up will be completely worth it.

Daniel Clarkson

Strategic Partnerships at Google

The best gym, community and workout you'll find in SF! Being new into city - and trying a lot of different gyms - joining Project 13 has been the best decision I've made since moving.

Nate and Thomas are not only the nicest guys in the business - they also live and breathe what they do and no one does it better. Their passion is contagious both within a group and individual setting - with consistent focus on providing you the best experience possible every time you're in the gym.

Their workouts are as equally thoughtful as they are challenging, and applicable for everyone. Don't hesitate!