Training at P13

Embrace The Journey

More than just a workout. P13 is a program that will get you leaner, stronger, and build your confidence

The Workouts

The workout at Project 13 changes every day, and we use a variety of cardio machines, weights and movements to produce the best possible results.

We start each workout with a dynamic warm-up because if you're hurt, you can't train.

Then we jump into the session where you'll work in a small team alongside other members. The coaches individualize the workout based on your goals and past injuries while helping you with form and techinique.

You'll push your limits while supported by positive, like-minded people. You'll achieve more in the workout than you thought possible and walk out of P13 knowing you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.

The Program

We train for results and longevity.

Our classes are coed but the workouts are tailored separately to men's and women's bodies and training goals.

The workouts are designed as a part of a broader 6-week program to give you the results you're looking for whether it's losing weight, building strength, preparing for an event, or just wanting to look good and feel healthy.

While we promise the fastest results, we believe there are no short cuts or quick fixes. Real and sustainable changes are only achieved through consistency and hard work.

Our program gives you the opportunity to build your fitness on all fronts and see it translate to activities outside the gym. It will keep you fit AND injury free not just for the next month, but the next year and beyond so you can enjoy your passions.

You will build mental strength by pushing your limits in a safe environment, surrounded by people who care about your progress. Join P13 and achieve your true potential.

The Other 96%

If you workout 1 hour per day, 6 days per week, that's only 4% of your total time.

So what you do outside the gym truly is an integral part of being healthy.

From what you eat to how much you sleep, walking meetings to staying active during work trips, you have endless opportunities you can take advantage of.

We believe in fitness from a holistic perspective, and we give you the tools to be successful the other 96% of your life.