8-Week BBH Course (Member's Only)

The Project 13 Positive Mindset Course: How to Say "No" and Win (in and out of the gym). Complete this within the 8 weeks and earn $200 credit back to your gym account.
Training in the gym is the tip of the iceberg. It's built on our Nutrition and Recovery, but all of those pieces are built on the foundation of Mindset. This 8-Week course will give you the tools to succeed and help you build habits to continue being successful long after the 8 weeks are finished.
Here's what the course is:
  • It’s an 8-week program with a specific topic each week (full curriculum here).
  • Each week has 6-8 short videos (total of 20-30min)
  • You’ll do simple exercise that will help you put the learnings into effect with your life and goals, and a weekly habit to work on that will ingrain the learnings
  • Weekly group check-ins with the coaches 
  • Access to interviews with Nate and an expert each week. The experts include a Navy Seal, Proctor and Gamble exec, CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and more, all sharing their experiences and how they put these topics into practice to be successful